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The Mug

These Glass Mugs are 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide at the mouth and hold 25 ounces of your favorite beverage. 

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On the front your Squadron/Unit, Business, Fraternity or Event Logo, not just lightly etched like you'll find at most glass shops but also 'Deep Carved' using the combination of both effects for that 3D look and touch.

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On the back the mug can be personalized with your Name, rank/rate/position, your special event, or just a few words with thanks, participation, special dates or reunion, up to 3 lines of 20 spaces each and '1" small badge or insignia for Military logos.

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 Since we started we have done most of the squadrons at Special Operations Command, Hurlburt Field Fl, Eglin AFB , Pensacola NAS. The following is a small list of current Squadrons and organizations we serve:                                 


Detail of Deep-carved

usn-seabeesa.gif (245058 bytes)usn-sara.gif (247541 bytes)traron-10a.gif (238494 bytes)


96Trans.jpg (131647 bytes)PensacolaNAS_Traron10.jpg (130255 bytes)AF_AFSOC.jpg (129237 bytes)USN_Seebees.jpg (117300 bytes)

CERES_detail.jpg (145537 bytes)184ORD_BN_front_detail.jpg (143733 bytes)EOD Back.jpg (23391 bytes)CERES_back_detail.jpg (131149 bytes)

5th SOS Beer Mug front.jpg (309506 bytes)       5th SOS Shadow Man Beer Mug front.jpg (342297 bytes)       8th SOS Mug front.jpg (364010 bytes)       9th SOS front.jpg (382944 bytes)       15th SOS front.JPG (241134 bytes)

15th AMU front.jpg (310525 bytes)       1 SOMOS front.jpg (312724 bytes)


Hurlburt Field:    1 SOGS    1 SOComm    1 SOMSS    1 SOSecurity Forces    1 SOLogistics Gp    

1 SOps Gp    1 SOSupport Gp    4th SOS    16th SOS Spectre     8th SOS    9th SOS    

19th SOS    20th SOS    25th IS     AFSOC IFTU    JSO University    823rd Red Horse 

Eglin AFB:    Jokers Wild Sq    33rd Fighter Wg    60th Fighter Sq    AFMC    85th TES

96th Trans Sq    16 EWS    36 EWS    53 EWS    68 EWS    728th    96CES 


Pensacola NAS:  US Navy Logo    US Navy Enlisted    USMC     TRARON 86    HELTRARON EIGHT  BLUE ANGELS

TRARON 10    VT-IV    NAS Fire Dept     USN Rescue Swimmer    US Naval Aviation     NDSTC    PISTOLEROS

Kadena AB, Japan:  390th IS   Det 3, 25th IS

Hawaii:  Special Forces

New Mexico:  RSLP   Det12    KEI   Space Test Program    Space Development & Test Wing

We have also done various  projects and units from all over the states

The Dallas Safari Club, TX        Alabama State Clay Championship    CERES,CO    127th ANG,Detroit MI    Coronet NightHawk,Curacao    Claxton Fire Dept,GA    Gambore Ammunition    Invasion Bar,WY    Alabama Sporting Clays,GA    Rockfence Station,Al    Chattahoochiee Clays, GA    Ft Stewart,GA    USCG Detroit, MI     53 Aerial Squadron, 314th Airlift Wing, Littlerock AR,    Air America,  FL Sheriff's Office,  M&H Farms Sporting Clays AL, Panama City Police Dept.,  


Contact Info:      Miguel or Victoria Mendez          850-585-9437 or 850-585-9439